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Oct 02 2011

Sometimes the Road We’re On in Life Takes a Detour

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Flathead Lake, MTSometimes we start down a road in life, only to find we’re on a different road than we anticipated. That would certainly describe my life this last four years. It was like a giant detour or at least that’s the way it feels. The one thing I have missed is blogging. It’s been quite a while. It’s time to come back. Maybe not in the same way – after all I’ve changed, but never-the-less I have the need to reconnect.

It seems that with every passing year, the knowledge that life is precious becomes bigger and bigger. Yeah, there’s the tragedies. People get sick, people die, the economy turns bad, people lose jobs. Lots of not-so-great things happen. But I also think that that sometimes things happen that force us to slow down and see the beauty. When I was a kid, one of my favorite  pastimes was laying on the lawn, watching the clouds go by. I’ve been doing a lot more of that type of thing lately.

I just recently had to place a friend (only 64) in a Memory Care unit, someone I’ve been care-taking for 3+ years. When I visited him the other day, he couldn’t wait to show me the beautiful mountains out his window. For now, that’s the beauty in his life.

I love what Dewitt Jones philosophy is “Celebrate What’s Right with the World!” His goal is to take a photo of something each day that epitomizes that saying.

We all can see the negatives. The question is “Can You See the Positives?” I hope so and I plan on continuing to also.

Take the time, just take the time.

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Jun 24 2009

What Are You Saying to Yourself?

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Have you ever listened to your self-talk – all the things you’re telling yourself all day?  I mean really listened. You might be surprised at what you’re saying to yourself. It’s like a conversation going on all the time.

Some are things you’ve been told over the years, many times as a child. A lot of times it can be negative – since those are the things we tend to remember people saying to us. So it’s easy to fall into negative self-talk. Things like – ‘you screwed up again’ or ‘you’ll never be able to do that’. Think about what would happen if your self-talk was positive. Do you think it could change your life? There is considerable evidence that it very much affects your life, both physically and mentally.

Your subconscious mind does not make distinctions between negative and positive thoughts. It treats them both in the same way. So saying “I don’t want to get sick” is the same as saying “I want to get sick” to your subconscious. The subconscious doesn’t hear the negative word. To re-frame your self-talk you would say to yourself “I want to be healthy” or something to that effect. The subconscious mind accepts and regards often-repeated thoughts, statements, or self-talk, as commands. So your subconscious then searchs for ways to make it come true. So your thoughts shape your life – either positively or negatively.

If your self-talk is negative, one of the ways to begin changing it is to write down a list of affirmations. It could be many different topics but it should cover your finances, relationships, spirituality, health  and community.

Now take that list and make some positive statements from it.

Here are some basic guidelines:

  1. Use only positive words to describe what you want.
  2. Be very specific. The clearer you are the easier it is to visualize when you repeat it.
  3. Phrase the affirmation in the present tense. By doing that you begin to see yourself as having already achieved the goal, not at some time in the future.
  4. Keep them short so they’re easy to remember.
  5. Put some emotion and feelings into them. Not just “I am my ideal weight” but rather “I am now my ideal weight and look drop-dead gorgeous in that red dress.” Which one brings up a more vivid mental pictures?
Repeat affirmations several times a day. Starting your day with your affirmations sets the tone for your day and helps you keep focused on those positive elements. When you end your day with your affirmations, the subconscious mind has all night to work on it while you sleep. Repeat affirmations aloud, silently, or by writing them down. The most effective is writing them down. Take just one and concentrate on that for 30 days. Write it on a card and slip it in your pocket. Whenever you reach into your pocket, you’re reminded of that affirmation. Bringing your positive thoughts into your mind on a continual basis will help your mind to search out those ways to bring that affirmation into reality.

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