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Oct 02 2011

Sometimes the Road We’re On in Life Takes a Detour

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Flathead Lake, MTSometimes we start down a road in life, only to find we’re on a different road than we anticipated. That would certainly describe my life this last four years. It was like a giant detour or at least that’s the way it feels. The one thing I have missed is blogging. It’s been quite a while. It’s time to come back. Maybe not in the same way – after all I’ve changed, but never-the-less I have the need to reconnect.

It seems that with every passing year, the knowledge that life is precious becomes bigger and bigger. Yeah, there’s the tragedies. People get sick, people die, the economy turns bad, people lose jobs. Lots of not-so-great things happen. But I also think that that sometimes things happen that force us to slow down and see the beauty. When I was a kid, one of my favorite  pastimes was laying on the lawn, watching the clouds go by. I’ve been doing a lot more of that type of thing lately.

I just recently had to place a friend (only 64) in a Memory Care unit, someone I’ve been care-taking for 3+ years. When I visited him the other day, he couldn’t wait to show me the beautiful mountains out his window. For now, that’s the beauty in his life.

I love what Dewitt Jones philosophy is “Celebrate What’s Right with the World!” His goal is to take a photo of something each day that epitomizes that saying.

We all can see the negatives. The question is “Can You See the Positives?” I hope so and I plan on continuing to also.

Take the time, just take the time.

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