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Karen Davison

Karen Davison

Karen lives her dream in the midst of the mountains 30 miles from the spectacular Glacier Park. Looking out her home/office window at the beauty of nature every day, watching deer, osprey and, yes, sometimes even eagles, she enjoys the serenity of rural living. Yet with the freedom her business brings, she is free to explore the wonders of the world.

For 25 years, Karen has successfully owned and managed her own commercial and residential rental properties.

Because of her interest in alternative health care, in 1997, she began building a business to help people live a healthier, longer, more energetic life. With the cutting edge products Univera develops, she has introduced many people to the benefits of the products. She has recently expanded her interest in a healthier life to include organic products that improve the home environment at Go NonToxic.

In addition, one of her lifelong passions has been expanding her personal knowledge and development. She has studied under people such as Bob Proctor for over 10 years.

In her spare time, she is an avid gardener and photographer.

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