Build Your Future With Gratitude

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I recently listened to a video about a man who had learned that gratitude is not something we can pick and choose the circumstances to apply it to. Rather the key is to be grateful for everything in our lives – both those that we perceive to be positive and those that we perceive to be negative. It is the combination of those opposing experiences that make us who we are, i.e. we would not be the same person if we had not had cancer or a heart attack or lost someone we love.  As painful as those experiences may have been, they make us who we are and for that we must be grateful. We have the power within us to shape our responses to tragedies in our lives.

Henri Nouwen, a Dutch Roman Catholic priest, believes that  gratitude must be inclusive. We must be grateful for all of our life, not just for favors bestowed.  In his book, All Is Grace, he says,

“…how often we tend to divide our past into good things to remember with gratitude and painful things to accept or forget.  Once we accept this division, however, we quickly develop a mentality in which we hope to collect more good memories than bad memories, more things to be grateful for than things to be resentful about….  But this way of thinking… prevents us from truly allowing our whole past to be the source from which we live our future. “

“Gratitude is not a simple emotion or an obvious attitude.  It is a difficult discipline to constantly reclaim my whole past… It is hard precisely because it challenges me to face the painful moments… When our gratitude for the past is only partial, our hope for a new future can never be full.”

And here is a video of Nick Vujicic who is full of gratitude and lives that each day.

Are you building your future with gratitude for all things in your life?

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