Sense of Accomplishment

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I have spent the last week upgrading my blogs to self-hosted ones. Having never done anything like that before I was a little intimidated by the whole task. There were parts that I knew would be simple but I also recognized there were things I knew nothing about.

So I jumped into it and actually had a good time doing it. I’m sitting here today feeling an enormous sense of accomplishment. Interesting. I think about some of the major things I’ve done and many times there was little “sense of accomplishment”. I think when we delve into something new and maybe even something that carries some risk, we experience much more satisfaction when we complete it. Seems like the greater the apprehension the greater the satisfaction.

As I continue to review all the nuances of the new format, I have no doubt there is still much to “fix” on the new blogs but the major job is finished. If you notice any links broken or other problems, please let me know.

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