7 Steps to Creating that Life You've Dreamed Of

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Earl Nightingale believed that people with goals succeed in life and people without them fail.

There was a study on goal achievement done with people ages 23 to 72 from many different countries and a variety of professions. There were 5 groups. The first group thought about their goals, rated them according to importance and commitment. The second group wrote their goals down and did the same rating. The third group made action commitments in addition. The fourth group not only formulated action commitments but sent them to a friend. And the fifth group did all of the above and additionally did weekly progress reports with their friend.  The results were definitive. The fifth group did better than the fourth group which did better than the third group, etc.  The biggest percentage difference was between those who wrote down their goals and those who didn’t.

As a result of growing up poor, Napoleon Hill was driven to find out why some people are poor and others are not. He believed that we should live each day fully and to the best of our ability. He made his goal to find the secret of success and to become a writer. The result of these decisions was to write “Think and Grow Rich” –  which in a nutshell said ” we become what we think.” Obviously, the book has much more than that and it is a “must read” for anyone wanting to experience success in life.

So what do we  need to do to start down that path to success?

  1. Write out your goals making them measurable – Remember those  plans or goals you made at the beginning of the year? Time to dig them back out – what have you done that has moved you toward those goals?  There’s still time this year to realize those intentions if you’re willing to do what it takes.
  2. Make your action commitments and share them with a friend or mentor.
  3. Sometimes on the road to achieving our goals, we hit the old “I can’t do this wall”.  Everyone’s hit it at least once in their life – failure looms.  For the next 30 days every time a negative thought enters your mind say “switch” and change it to a positive thought.  The number of times you need to say “switch” will steadily decrease.
  4. Each day review your goals. If your goals are clear and true to who and what you are, you will be re-inspired. If not, adjust them and begin to take steps that will lead to their achievement. You don’t need to know how you’re going to get there, you just need to know where you’re going and be open to the possibilities that present themselves.
  5. Keep a log of what you did each day to move toward your goal and share this with your mentor/friend. As seen in the above study accountability will make a huge difference in your journey.
  6. Reward yourself for your achievements along the way.
  7. Read books by people like Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Mark Victor Hansen, James Allen or Jack Canfield to name a very few. They will re-inspire you.

We are 100% responsible for creating the life we want. We can just dream about it or we can take action.

Which will you do?

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