Has Your Hula Hoop Gone Kerplunk?

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Remember the hula hoop? In order to succeed with the hula hoop, you had to keep moving. The minute you stopped, it fell to the ground. Kerplunk! The good news was that you could easily pick it up and start again.

Well the same is true with your life goals.

Of course, the first thing you need is to know what your goals are. One of the single biggest stumbling blocks to success, in any form, is having clearly defined goals. If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? Start by making clearly defined, quantitative goals. If your goal is to succeed. What does success mean to you? It must be specific. Does it mean that you’ve got 1000 people in your organization or are making $1000 or $10,000/month or that you’ve lost 25 or 50 lbs or have written that book you’ve been thinking about? There are a million different definitions of success. You need to find out what yours is. 

So now you have your goals. You should have goals set in each area of your life –  spiritual, physical, family, community and finances. Remember to write them down daily which gives you an opportunity to visualize what it will feel and look like once you’ve attained a goal. Visualization is an important aspect of staying in focus. If you want to be a millionaire, for example, what does it feel like or look like to you. How will you walk or dress or talk? Start doing those things now (and that doesn’t mean going out and spending money you don’t have). Create the person you want to become. There is a saying – “fake it, till you make it.” 

You may not know how you’re going to achieve the goals and that’s OK as long as you know where you’re going and are open to the possibilities that present themselves. Just like the hula hoop achieving your goals takes action. If you’re not moving – kerplunk. That doesn’t mean you need to go full out 24/7. What it does mean is that you need to keep moving – moving toward your goals.

Just like when you played with the hula hoop and it fell to the ground, there will be times when you stop moving toward your goals. Kerplunk! And just like the hula hoop you have a choice to pick it up and start again. . . or walk away. Which will you do?

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