Are You Thriving?

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When we consider our physical health, many people feel they are either sick or not sick. But in reality we can be sick, not sick or healthy.

So too with our life adventure. Many people are “not sick”. They may not take much pleasure in things. They don’t like their jobs and they’re just coasting along waiting to see if “life” is going to drop something in their lap. They may even see an opportunity but think “it’s too risky” or “it takes too much work”. So they just survive.

But isn’t life our big adventure? Isn’t it about growing up spiritually and emotionally; taking risks; expanding our experiences? It’s easy to see how people arrive at survival mode. It’s safe. As we’re growing up, we’ve all encountered situations when we tried something new or were just enjoying ourselves and someone laughed at us or ridiculed us. How did we handle it? For many people, these instances pile up over the years and they find themselves “just getting by”, just surviving, playing it safe.  If we begin choosing only “safe” situations so that we look good in other people’s eyes, we will miss out on many opportunities that are right in front of us; opportunities that could change our lives.

How many times have you been faced with a “crisis” – I don’t mean a life and death type of crisis, but rather those that happen frequently. You’ve got a meeting with a new business partner and it’s vital that you be on time and make a good impression. You’re a little nervous because this could grow your business exponentially. You jump in the car and take off, trying to do a little mental preparing. You arrive right on time and as you start to get out of the car, you look down – you still have on your sweat pants and slippers!!.  What are you going to do? You can just imagine what this new person is going to think of you – my goodness you can’t even dress appropriately. They’ll probably laugh at you and then start backing away from the business. Your busy little mind can create all kinds of scenarios – all disastrous. Now you’re really in a frenzy.

You could get back in the car and call them and tell them your car broke down or. . .

Go in and after saying ‘hello’ etc., say you know the greatest thing about my business is that I get to work at home and I often dress accordingly. Well, I’m a little chagrined because I guess I was so involved in thinking about our plans to work together, I neglected to check my attire and here I am slippers and all!

What do you think would happen? Probably you would both have a little laugh and very possibly your new business partner would tell you a story about an embarrassing moment of his own. We make up reality when we’re faced with a ‘crisis’.  We need to quit worrying about what others think of us and rather start worrying about what we think of ourselves.

Thriving takes risk. There are several things we need to overcome in order to thrive:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of being wrong
  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of embarrassment

If we’re going to live this adventure to the fullest, we must do our best. That means stepping outside our comfort zone to face irrational fears. It means taking responsibility for our choices. It means there are no failures, only learning experiences. It means getting over ourselves so that we can SOAR (Spirituality, Optimism, Abundance, Responsibility).

Are you thriving or just surviving? When will you take that first step?

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