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Yes there are a wealth of possibilities for possibilities of wealth. Together we can explore a few of the infinite possibilities.

Certainly the internet has created possibilities that weren’t even thought of 10 or 20 years ago. We have the opportunity to latch on to one and create something unique. So stay tuned as we begin our exploration together.
So what is wealth?
  • affluence
  • prosperity
  • success
  • treasure, valuables
  • riches, substance, wherewithal
Wealth is simply abundance. I’m sure there are hundreds of ways that people think of wealth. But to me it is abundance in all areas of my life.
Thomas Troward in The Hidden Power wrote “Where we are drawing from the infinite we need never be afraid of taking more than our share.”  In other words there is an infinite abundance of things both material and mental.
Stop and think about different areas of your life. Do you approach them in the Spirit of Opulence? Do you think that there  are only so many new customers or business builders; there’s only so much money; there’s only so  many new ideas for businesses or inventions?
If you are approaching life with those limitations, that is what you will experience.  Troward puts it, “Your results are the outward expression of your inner belief system.” 
So if you don’t like how things are going, examine the different areas of your life: Relationships, Physical Health, Finances, Community. How are you limiting your wealth (success) in these areas?

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